Remote robotic inspections—a revolutionary new way to ensure the integrity of critical mining assets

From a two-person operation to 60+ in under two years, we are committed to improving asset inspection services worldwide.

Beginning with little more than a whole lot of drive and passion for technology, inspection and testing, at NDE Solutions we have since learned, plied and evolved our trade, helping businesses maintain critical asset integrity in oil, gas, mining and power-generation facilities globally.

Seeing a gap and need for improved inspection services as well as better company cultures, our founders took to the market offering innovative, non-destructive testing and asset inspections to clients big and small.

COVID-19 has presented new challenges to the inspection of assets.

Over the last year, during the hard times of the pandemic which locked people down and forced some to isolate in their homes, NDE Solutions has and continues to invest in technology for advanced inspection techniques, research and development in order to overcome the problems faced by our clients in a COVID world.

Our mission has been to set a new industry standard where augmented reality, remote inspection and mobile and cloud-based asset management software solutions are the norm.

Of course, this would mean little without investing in a generation of future asset inspection leaders as well, so we at NDE Solutions have strived to foster a positive company culture with quality education, experience, support and opportunities available as we strive towards a better future.

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