We maintain the integrity of high-value assets and infrastructure through code-compliant inspections and detailed analysis.

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Asset failure can lead to loss of life, huge financial loss and harmful environmental impact.

We understand what’s at stake which is why we invest heavily in research, innovation and technology to provide non-destructive testing and high-end inspection solutions that can be performed fast, remotely, and without the need to shut down a facility and interrupt important processes and production.

Our passionate and experienced team of 60+ have performed thousands of successful inspections, delivering invaluable data on high-value sites all over Australia for some of the country’s biggest mining, energy, civil and defence industry customers.

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Case Studies

A sovereign Australian company investing in future tech and technicians

From a two-person operation to 60+ in under two years, we are committed to improving asset inspection services worldwide. Beginning with little more than a whole lot of drive and passion for technology, inspection and testing, at NDE Solutions we have since learned, plied and evolved our trade, helping businesses maintain critical asset integrity in… Read more

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Case Studies

Ultrasound inspections to assess the integrity of coal seam gas wells

Innovative asset inspection techniques for the oil and gas industry. At NDE Solutions, we developed an ultrasound inspection for small bore piping that has improved coverage and detection of threats such as microbial induced corrosion (MIC). By utilising custom phased array ultrasound testing (PAUT) techniques, we have eliminated the risk of radiation as well as… Read more

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Case Studies

Remote robotic inspections—a revolutionary new way to ensure the integrity of critical mining assets

NDE Solutions is at the forefront of the remote robotic inspection revolution. Using innovative robotic systems, we provide a solution that enables us to analyse the integrity of mining assets such as storage tanks without needing to resort to destructive internal inspection, cleaning and lining removal. Automated phased array ultrasonic testing enables us to inspect… Read more

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